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When creating a new database, ANSI Padding Enabled is set to False by default.

screenshot of New Database dialog

According to this however, the default is ON (which I assume is the same as True). They also recommend to set it to ON and mention that in the future this setting will be deprecated and always set to ON.

I'm quite confused by all of this, actually my question comes from a ticket I have opened that is related to this setting.

So, what is the actual default value, and do I need to change any settings?

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Most client libraries will set ANSI_PADDING to ON explicitly so the database setting never comes into play. – Martin Smith Nov 19 '13 at 13:39
@MartinSmith interesting link, feel free to post it as an answer quoting that paragraph/table. I understand now, the default setting on DB level is OFF and the default client setting is ON. – Stijn Nov 19 '13 at 13:45
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Per @MartinSmith's comment, the database setting is overwritten by the connection setting most of the times.

ADO.NET, ODBC, OLE DB and SSMS all set this to ON. Additional libraries/tools and settings are listed here.

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