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I have been struggling to resolve an issue I have with my R12 installation on W2K3.

Getting following error:

Error: Cannot Display Page 

Transaction context is lost 
Possible Causes:

You have left your login session idle past the timeout period. 
A system failure has occurred. 
The application server is incorrectly configured and did not send a session cookie to the client browser. 
If running in JDeveloper: 
Running multiple application without restarting. 
Working with multiple browser windows, closing one of which caused OC4J to expire a user session. 
OC4J XML files in your JDeveloper user home system directory have been modified or corrupted.

For the first two causes, please select the Home global link at the top of the application page. Then access this page again using the application's navigation controls (menu, links, and so on) instead of browser back button. 

For other causes, contact your system administrator. 

If you were testing in JDeveloper and encountered one of the above causes, go to menu and select the option Run | Terminate to terminate the process, then re-run your application. If you still encounter this error, exit JDeveloper, remove the user home system directory and restart JDeveloper.
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