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How can I define or change a domain based on another attribute value?

F.e. domain for salary is a numeric value > 500. But if a date the person was hired > January 1st, 2013, then the salary must be > 1000.

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I wouldn't try to solve that with a DOMAIN since that cannot reference other columns. Use a CHECK constraint instead:

CHECK ( salary > 1000 OR hired < '2013-01-01' AND salary > 500 )
  • Define the column NOT NULL in addition to disallow NULL values.

  • Using the IS0 8601 format for the date, which is valid with any locale and the recommended form.

  • I wrote hired < '2013-01-01' on purpose, suspecting that your phrase hired > January 1st, 2013 is off by one.

  • Note how I inverted your logic to arrive at a simpler form.

  • Be aware of operator precedence. AND binds before OR.

If you are building on a domain that already demands value > 500, you can simplify the CHECK constraint to:

CHECK ( salary > 1000 OR hired < '2013-01-01')
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