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I have a server with PostgreSQL9.1-903 (Windows 7 Professional). After a power cut my database is inaccessible (I presume that the database is corrupted).

The postgreSQL service starts but the following message is displayed when I try to connect via pg_Admin:

FATAL: catalog is missing 1 attribute(s) for relid 2662

I have tried to disable the option: 'ignore_system_index' but the database is still inaccessible. I guess that is not a problem with the indexes, but with the fact that some rows of the table pg_attribute have disappeared.

I am interested in recovering the data because my last backup is a bit old. Is there any way to just connect to the database? After that I would use the tool pg_dump to retrieve the data and mount it in a new database.


The parameter fsync is commented in the postgresql.conf (I assume that the default value is on). Following, I attach the part of the postgresql.conf which has been tuned:

checkpoint_segments = 32    # in logfile segments, min 1, 16MB each

shared_buffers = 1GB        # min 128kB

work_mem = 8MB

maintenance_work_mem = 256MB


default_statistics_target = 200

autovacuum_vacuum_cost_delay = 50ms 
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Were you running with fsync=off by any chance? Please post any modified postgresql.conf options. Also, before you do ANYTHING more, make a complete copy of the database directory (including base, pg_xlog, and all other folders and files) after stopping the database server. – Craig Ringer Nov 21 '13 at 2:14
Thanks for your reply. Updated the question. – Oscar Nov 21 '13 at 10:19
I also had this problem VACUUM FULL the db solved my issue as per this – winged panther Aug 21 '15 at 11:16

Yor need to restore from backup or, if backup is missing check corrupted tables for example

select distinct relname 
from pg_class 
where not exists (select 1 from pg_attribute where attrelid = relfilenode)` 


select distinct relname 
from pg_class 
where relfilenode > (select max(attrelid) from pg_attribute) 

And then your need to restore missing record in pg_attribute (for example create simm table and

copy with q as 
( select attname, atttypid, attstattarget, attlen, attnum, attndims, attcacheoff, atttypmod, attbyval, attstorage,attalign, attnotnull, atthasdef, attisdropped, attislocal, attinhcount, attcollation, attacl, attoptions, attfdwoptions 
  from pg_attribute 
  where attrelid::regclass = your_table::regclass) ) 
 INSERT INTO pg_catalog.pg_attribute select [id from your pgclass missing instead new attrelid], * from q

Then check, that atttypid is exists and do vacuum on pg_class and pg_attribute. So, your problem must be solved. Sorry for my english

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