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I've tried to set Mater and Target Servers on various cobinations of SQL Servers 2012 R2 on Window Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 machines but always getting one or 2 of the following errors during setting either target or master server:

In all cases I was using a domainUser login with sysadmin role for setting SQL Server Agent service and owner of an SQL Server Agent job (or, in the latter, tried also sa), Windows Authentication to localhost in used by them maintenance plans. The used domainUser is part of (local) Administrators group in each of the Windows (machines).

The SQL Server Management Studio is run As Administrator.

How can I troubleshoot these errors?
What should I check and look for?

Specifically, I do not quite understand:

  • Which server and which login to check in from the phrase:
    "Ensure the agent startup account for 'Master-Server-Name' has rights to login as a target server (Success)"
  • How to check that this login has rights for msdb from the phrase:
    "Checking to see if login has rights to msdb"
  • -
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