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I have a database for my website the website have a betting game(using insert and update queries) and the other pages of the website are using (select, insert and update queries).

When a user make a bet the whole website and the whole request stops and still loading (I think until the database write the update or insert of the betting query).

So if a user make a bet all the other users can not ask anything from the database.

I was using MyISAM engine for MySQL database and after I heard that this engine locks the whole table when doing any query I change all my tables engines to InnoDB (the default datbase engine still MyISAM) I change the engines to have a row-level lock instead of the whole table locked.

But unfortunately the problem still the same . I want u to help me understanding why the problem did not solved after I change the engines , please I am not very good with database it is my first time here in this website also ????

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In order to help you, you need to be a bit more specific: Please share the table structure (SHOW CREATE TABLE), the query that "blocks" the table, and the other queries that get blocked. –  jynus Nov 23 '13 at 16:02

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