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We are planning to package MongoDB-PostgreSQL hybrid solution in our application that will be deployed on customer site on-premise. It will be packaged as a software virtual appliance.

Our reason for considering MongoDB: The no-schema value proposition is really lucrative for us, we know that by design our schema will evolve. So MongoDB looks good from application point of view, what I am not sure is the manageability/admin part in the on-premise deployed scenario. It may not be very high-scale application. Also we do need RDBMS for our customizable analytics with heavy dependency on ROLAP. Hence the data movement part also kicks-in as a trade-off.


  1. Is MongoDB a technology that can be deployed and managed on-premise successfully.

  2. Have You done it?

  3. Will the customer need to have a MongoDB admin? ( How often MongoDB needs to be looked at, in your experience)

  4. We are thinking to replicate data to PostgreSQL for analytics use cases. What problems need to consider regarding data movement, is it doable? Specially since it is deployed on customer-site.

I am aware that the questions are not very specific, but it would be still very valuable for me to get different perspectives. So Appreciate your response to these generic questions.

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Have you considered the new jsonb in Postgres 9.4 as replacement for MongoDB? Discussion here or here. The Postgres manual on jsonb. –  Erwin Brandstetter Dec 28 '14 at 23:59

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  1. Yes. Hundreds of customers run on premise
  2. Yes. Both of physical boxes and virtual boxes.
  3. You will need to allocate sufficient time to ensure the cluster is setup correctly. Also you need to plan for certain events like adding shards, failover, compacting etc. But overall it is manageable and no worse than other databases. Another option is to use a DBaaS solution like here.
  4. Are you planning to do this with code or by using some MongoDB<->PostgreSQL replication software? Theoretically it's possible, the specifics depend on your use case.
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