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I have managed to work with groups in domain account but now I have come across another problem, No matter on which folder or which report a domain group has permission they can navigate anywhere on the Home page of Report Manager and can see all the folders and reports , deployed on Reports Manager.
As long as a group is added to any of the folders or reports , They can view all the folders all the reports. I tried the following steps to see if it makes any difference

1 - I deleted the group from all the folders security section and added to just one folder yet they can see all the folders and reports in them folders.
2 - Than I removedd a group from the Folder Level and added to only one report again they can see all the reports in that folder and also all the other folders and reports in them folders.
3 - And Obviously when they are not added to any folders or reports they just simply cant access the reports Manager.

Any idea what going on and how to fix it.
I have Sql Server 2008 R2 64bit DataCentre Edition.

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