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Can't seem to figure this out. Just need the difference in minutes between 2 oracle timestamp columns.

END_TS                                  START_TS
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
11-NOV-13 PM                            11-NOV-13 PM
11-NOV-13 PM                            11-NOV-13 PM
18-NOV-13 PM                            18-NOV-13 PM
22-NOV-13 AM                            22-NOV-13 AM
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Why this post has been closed ? This question is quite general. I don't see where it is off-topic... –  Guillaume Nov 6 '14 at 14:07

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Assuming your table is called TS:

SELECT EXTRACT (DAY FROM (end_ts-start_ts))*24*60*60+
EXTRACT (HOUR FROM (end_ts-start_ts))*60*60+
EXTRACT (MINUTE FROM (end_ts-start_ts))*60+
EXTRACT (SECOND FROM (end_ts-start_ts))

Common sense, to be honest.

(May need an EXTRACT(YEAR too).

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    (cast(current_timestamp as date) - cast(<other_timestamp> as date))
    * 24 * 60
  ) as diff_minutes
from <some_table>;

This is what I used to calculate the difference between the current timestamp and a heart beat table entry for latency monitoring.

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Why this one has been downvoted ? The query doesn't look too bad in my mind and is easier to read than the other answer... –  Guillaume Nov 6 '14 at 14:06

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