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Is there any recommendation of how to serve large number of customers with Cassandra?

Imagine that all of them read rows (specific per customer) in Cassandra. If we have one big Column Family (CF) we will correspondingly have single memtable per this CF. So, that customers who read data more frequently will displace cache entries of less frequent-in-read customers. And quality of service (i.e. read speed) will differ for different users. This is not fair (all customers must experience the same performance).

Is it normal to allocate separate CF's per customer (e.g. 5000 CF's or more)? As I understand this will cause creation of 5000 memtables what will lead to fair caching because each customer will be served in separate cache (memtable). Am I correct?

And on the other hand, will creation of large number of CF's decrease performance rather than having single big CF?

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