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I am creating a window application on c# .net and Sql Server 2008 R2. I will give the setup of this application to my client but I am little bit confuse about SQL Server Database. How the database is given to client, if I will restore my database in sql server environment on client PC then it will be easily updated/truncated by sql commands. So is there any other option to set up database to client pc that will work offline(without internet) or without installing sql server environment.


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Generally no.

without installing sql server environment

No. You use a server technology, you need a server installed somewhere where teh database runs on. Don't want that - USE ANOTHER TECHNOLOGY (SqlServer Embedded for example, or one of the alternatives).


if I will restore my database in sql server environment on client PC then it will be easily updated/truncated by sql commands

A restore generally is not a good idea. The normal approach is to generate a empty database then maintain if from there (as in: setup scripts). Same mechanism also handles updates. And give the user a chance to configure the database as he wants, unless you have a trivial project.

Generally don't ask like you never saw software using sql server. If you ever install a software doing so (Sharepoint for example, WSUS) you can see how their installers handle that and this is generally a good approach.

But yes, you need SQL Server installed somewhere to use it. In one version (Express is free).