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I run PostgreSQL-9.2.4

Is it possible to call 2 functions from a trigger?

Let's say I have two functions for two different tables to be executed if following trigger fires:


CREATE TRIGGER start ON system_status FOR EACH ROW
WHEN ((new.event = start_task))

Function 1: (When task starts => remove any previously assigned next task for this system)

CREATE FUNCTION void_next_task() RETURNS trigger AS $$

  DELETE FROM tasks_status ts
  WHERE ts.system = NEW.system
  AND ts.event = 'next_task';


LANGUAGE plpgsql

Function 2: (If inserted combination of task and system already presented in the table => mark any earlier records with this combination as deleted)

CREATE FUNCTION void_dup_task() RETURNS trigger AS $$

  UPDATE system_status ss
  SET deleted = 'TRUE'
  WHERE ss.system = NEW.system
  AND ss.task = NEW.task
  AND ss.deleted IS FALSE;


LANGUAGE plpgsql

So I ended up with following ways to resolve it:

  1. To have a trigger which calls two functions;
  2. To have a function which performs update on one table and delete on another one;
  3. To have two exactly same triggers and two different functions;

Before I will go ahead and implement solution 3 could you advice me if solution 1 or 2 are possible at all?

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A trigger can only ever call one tigger function, so no to item 1.

The preferable form is item 2. IMO. You can put as many SQL statements into a single plpgsql function as you want.

Item 3. is possible, too. Well, not exactly the same trigger, the name would have to be different. Triggers on the same event fire in alphabetical order, btw. But I see no gain in two separate functions. Just more code and overhead and two function invocations, which is more expensive.

2. is the undisputed victor.

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