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In Sql developer it is possible to get DDL for an existing table -

enter image description here

However, how do I get SQL for operations performed through UI? For example, how do I see DDL generated when I alter the table to drop a column? Sql developer does the drop operation and does not show me anything.

Edit: I add a column -

enter image description here

And then switch over to SQL tab -

enter image description here

Not what I want.

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Oracle knew you wanted this feature. I'm using SQL Developer and it works like you want it to. You were probably using an older version when you posted your question. I go to Edit Table, add a column in the GUI, and then pick the item called DDL in the dialog. There is a radio button to show either the full CREATE statement DDL, or just the DDL update for the current edit.

enter image description here

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Right click on the table name in the left pane and select

Table -> Generate Table API

Hope this helps!!

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Look at these packages:

DBMS_METADATA - get_ddl function



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