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Here are my requirements:

  • one user can have many tasks
  • one group can have many task
  • one group can have many users
  • only invited user by a user can be added into a group

Does this db design appear to model these requirements?

enter image description here

In group table, group_id should be the FK of which? there are 2 table linked to that table. 1 FK to 2 PK? possible?

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Try these design which will satisfy your requirements.
Group(Group Id Primary Key,Group Name)
User(User Id Primary Key,Name,Email,Created on,Group Id references Group(Group Id),Referred User ID references User(User ID))
Task(Task ID Primary Key,Name,Priority,Date)
User-Tasks(Relation ID Primary Key,User ID references User(User ID),Task ID references Task(Task ID))

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relation id PK in user-tasks table is for? not compulsory right? – user3033162 Dec 6 '13 at 7:34

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