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Every so often (e.g. ~months) a SQL Server Agent hourly Job will begin reporting an Error 15404 and continue to do so until intervened with.

[298] SQLServer Error: 15404, Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user 'DOMAIN_NAME\SomeDomainAccount', error code 0x6e. [SQLSTATE 42000] (ConnIsLoginSysAdmin)

Sometimes the first failure occurs immediately after a manual restart of the SQL Server Engine and SQL Server Agent services. The problem can be cleared by rebooting the machine.

The Job Owner is the name listed in the error message and is a SQL Server Admin.

The SQL Server Engine Service account looks to be a service account (I believe it is the default install account (one notch better than generic NetworkService to prevent interference between Engine/Agent instances):


It would be one thing if the job always failed but since the job succeeds after a reboot it makes me think that a service account like is supposed to be working and that there is some A/D timing issue or possibly a bug. When IT is asked about the A/D configuration, the response is usually "nothing has changed."

  • Restarting the engine and agent services can cause the job to start failing.
  • A machine reboot clears the problem.
  • An immediate subsequent restart of the engine and agent no longer cause the job to fail.

Link: How to troubleshoot a SQL Server 8198 error

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Update, this has happened two more times since the post. –  crokusek Mar 7 '14 at 22:58
Possibly related, we also have an intermittent (weekly) cannot generate SSPI problem on two different servers. –  crokusek Nov 13 '14 at 18:45
I'll just add that I've just randomly got this error from a SQL script that was working yesterday. No changes to the script, exact same machine, no obvious errors in the windows logs. The offending line of SQL was a CREATE ASSEMBLY statement, AUTHORIZATION [dbo], PERMISSION_SET = EXTERNAL_ACCESS; –  locster Apr 9 at 9:34
More info. Restarting SQL Server didn't resolve the issue, but rebooting the machine did. Possibly a log-off/on would have done it, as I suspect it's some subtle issue around my domain account. Note that I haven't changed my password recently. –  locster Apr 9 at 9:46

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