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Ok so this is kinda weird I'm not sure how to exactly tackle it without it being a massive query, that might be slow so this is the tables as it is

name | country_id | ticket_price
foo    2            50
bar    1            40

id | name
1    UK
2    US

id | name
1    EU
2    America

id | country_id | region_id
1    1             1
2    2             2

of course this is fictitious data/ schema but it does exactly what the real one does, I need to keep the country/region as a many to many so now what I need to do is get an avarage of say the ticket_price per month per region.

I'm really not sure how to get that query.


Edit: I should also point out that there aren't just 2 regions and more can be added the whole time and country within them changed.

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Are you looking for something along the lines of:

SELECT as Region,
    avg(conc.ticket_price) as AverageCost
FROM Region r
INNER JOIN Country_Region cr
    ON cr.region_id =
INNER JOIN Concerts c
    ON c.country_id = cr.country_id

This should not be a slow query at all - especially if the id fields are all indexed.

I recommend reading up on MySQL Aggregate Functions which use Group By from here:

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Ya this is what I ended up doing in the end, and all the id fields are indexed so that's no problem, thanks man :) – user1713940 Dec 12 '13 at 16:10
Glad to hear that, no problem! – Anthony Clark Dec 12 '13 at 16:29

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