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As per subject when a sequence hits its max val what happens?

What is the behavior? I have a big table with a sequence as a primary key and would like to know.


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So, some stuff to clear up: a sequence is not a PK, it just feeds autogenerated values for newly inserted rows which don't specify an explicit value for it. Also, you don't tell if the sequence is set to CYCLE or NOCYCLE (if you defined the PK with serial, the latter is the case). If it is cycling, it will just restart at the MINVALUE defined. – dezso Dec 12 '13 at 15:12
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If you try it, you'll get:

ERROR: nextval: reached maximum value of sequence "testseq" (9223372036854775807): select nextval('testseq')

This is the case when the sequence is created automatically for a serial or bigserial column. You can create a sequence with specifying CYCLE, in which case it will restart from the MINVALUE specified (or left at the default 1).

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