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I'm trying to prepare a query from PHP like:

pg_prepare($con, "prep", "select * from test where tid in ($1)");

and then execute it with:

$strpar = "3,4,6,8,10";
pg_execute($con, "prep", array($strpars));

The problem is that I cannot pass a series of values built as prepare expects a fixed number of parameters. Is there any way to make the parameters dynamic?

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Use an array to represent the series of values:

pg_prepare($con, "prep", "select * from test where tid=ANY($1::int[])");

$strpar = "{3,4,6,8,10}";
pg_execute($con, "prep", array($strpars));

The cast to int[] in the query might even be superfluous if the planner is able to infer the type by itself.

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