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I have a postgres table that contains data where the id has been set by the code that injected the data. So lets say the id is 0..49.

How can I instruct postgres to start with 50 on the id column for the next insert?

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If you want to happen it automatically (I mean, without the application doing that), you have to create a sequence:

CREATE SEQUENCE some_table_pk_seq START 50;

Then change the column to use this as a default:

ALTER TABLE some_table
ALTER COLUMN id SET DEFAULT nextval('some_table_pk_seq'::regclass);

And that's it. Remember that the default will be used only if you don't pass a value to the given column in your INSERT statements.

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To do it after sequence (or serial) creation: setval('some_table_pk_seq'::regclass, 50); – Kirk Roybal Dec 20 '13 at 15:48

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