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We are currently working on project to get KPI metrics from out account partners,We want to design a table and It will have

3 Major Business units 
4 Business Verticals (Service Desk, Knowledge Management,..)
20 divisions (Messaging, Application Management,..)

Ideally we will be receiving KPI metrics from the divisions on daily basis.

Right now we have 20 metrics like (AHT, Abandon rate, etc) this might go upto 80 metrics. We want to set up a table in such a way it has to accommodate data and easy to retrieve.

Note: Each Division will be having different metrics.

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You probably need to be much more specific, the expected datatypes of the measures and so fourth, to get particularly useful answer to this. Most importantly, what do you wish to do with the data once it has been collected? The sort of reports and other output you need can have quite an effect on what sort of structure is optimal. – David Spillett Dec 29 '13 at 11:36
Hi David, Thanks for your prompt response. Ideally we will collect the data from our business partners and end of day we will prepare org level dashboard. (For example) We will show what is the AHT/Abandon rate for the business unit/Vericals/Division wise. – Krishna Dec 29 '13 at 16:29