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I'm trying to create an osm tileserver and am at the point where i've created the database to hold the output of osm2pgsql. But I can find neither the database (map_data) nor, of course, its tables. I need to softlink (ln -s) the tables to at least one other spindle, which has nearly a full TB of space open. I look in pgsql/data/base and see a lot of subtrees with numeric names. Presumably one of them is my map_data, but I can't find a name:number mapping table.

I'm used to MariaDB/MySQL, which seems much more straightforward to me.

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Just FYI, the name/number mapping is SELECT pg_relation_filepath('relname_or_oid') and is done via pg_class's. relfilenode attribute, plus the tablespace path. Never, ever, EVER mess with files in the database directory directly, though. – Craig Ringer Dec 30 '13 at 1:24

Don't mess with the data files in the filesystem it's a sure way to get your database corrupted.

You can achieve what you want, by creating a tablespace and then move the table to the new tablespace:

create tablespace big_one LOCATION '/path/to/other/spindle';
alter table map_data set tablespace big_one;

Btw: MySQL isn't "more straightforward" - it's just different. And I could list several things that are much more "straightforward" in Postgres than in MySQL

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... and remember, it's not safe to put a tablespace of "less important" stuff on a less reliable disk. Unfortunately the way Pg's tablespace support is designed, your database is just as stuffed if an unimportant tablespace goes away unexpectedly. – Craig Ringer Dec 30 '13 at 1:26
I'm aware that to say thanks in comments violates convention here but not saying thanks at all doesn't work for me, so: Thank you, horse and Craig. I don't have enough mojo yet to uptick your responses, so this is the best I can do. – MMacD Dec 30 '13 at 11:37

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