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It's possible to change aria_block_size from default 8192 without recreating tables? I want try 1024 or 2048 but after change in my.cnf and restart mariadb I got this errors on aria tables:

#138 - Wrong block size 8192; Expected 1024

My db have about 120Gb and many tables, so export/delete/import will cause many hours of outage and this is not possible.

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I found solution:

  1. change engine from aria to myisam

  2. stop mysql, add aria_block_size = 1024 to my.cnf

  3. delete aria_log_control file in mysql directory

  4. start mysql

  5. convert myisam tables back to aria

This process is safe for data, can be done without outage (only one fast mysql restart) and much faster then re-create tables and import data.

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