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Is it possible to change NLS_LANG settings on the server after installation Oracle 11.2 XE? (I am not thinking about alter session.) As you know one can not choose db characterset nor nls_lang while installing this product.

Since my previous version of Oracle 10 XE had differenet NLS_LANG setting I would like it to be the same.

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Yes, you can change NLS_LANG on server and session level. Changing database characterset is almost impossible when the original characterset is not US7ASCII.

To change NLS_LANG:

  • Environment variable NLS_LANG
  • System environment variable NLS_LANG
  • Use registry HKLM\software\oracle... and add string value.

Remember to use quoting when necessary on Windows when there are spaces in the region.

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Tnx. My charachterset is AL32UTF8. I wil try as you said. Tnx once again. – user32389 Jan 4 '14 at 7:05

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