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This question only needs one answer: a list of great resources for getting started with Oracle, including Database Administration, PL/SQL and SQL.

You may find your question has been closed as a duplicate of this one, if so, please don't be offended: we are trying to be as helpful as we can without diluting the expert focus of this site. Closing a question as a duplicate of this one is us saying "What you really need is to spend some time reading some of the best resources available rather than have your specific question answered right now. If you do get through these resources, you'll soon be back with more advanced questions!

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If you are curious why this question exists, please see this on meta and this discussion in The Heap. –  Jack Douglas Jan 4 '14 at 11:52

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Oracle's official documentation library has some great resources, including:

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Please feel free to edit in others that come to mind or add your own specific advice useful to the kind of people likely to end up here. –  Jack Douglas Jan 4 '14 at 12:55

When I learned PL/SQL I started with Steven Feuerstein's PL/SQL Best Practices. Several more edition have come out, but it gives you a good perspective on how to think about code.

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