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I have an Oracle 12c database instance which was installed without the option for configuring the "Enterprise Manager (EM) Database Express"

How can i install it subsequent for a running instance? The Database Configuration Assistant doesn´t give me this option and the prior to 12c command emctl doesn´t exist anymore.

Any suggestions?

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Check this link. –  Dimitre Radoulov Jan 7 at 15:25
After following those steps in the link i can see that the port is open (netstat) but when i open the address in the browser i just get in firefox an error message "The connection was interrupted" - other browsers have similar problems –  claaser Jan 8 at 9:33
Please try with https instead of http. –  Dimitre Radoulov Jan 8 at 9:43
i tried both: https and http different error messages, but still no website –  claaser Jan 8 at 9:57
Please follow the steps indicated in the following MOS article: Troubleshooting Why EM Express is not Working [Article ID 1604062.1]. –  Dimitre Radoulov Jan 8 at 10:01
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