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Perhaps this message belongs elsewhere, but this appeared to be the most relevant stack site to ask my question. If it is not, could you possibly direct me to a more appropriate venue?

I belong to a group composed of State, Federal, and Non governmental organizations that work together for the purpose of environmental restoration. We have implemented a new monitoring evaluation of our restoration sites that collects data on plant survival and vegetative characteristics among other things. We are interested in building an online database that allows individuals from any of these organizations to log-in, enter the monitoring data, GPS coordinates, and photos, have that data stored online (or perhaps stored at a state or federal agency but accessible at any time by anyone with the passcode), and downloaded into a .csv, excel file to perform analysis on the information. Ultimately, we would like to use the GPS coordinates inherent in the data to create shapefiles to look for relationships in our data relative to other shape files.

We have two websites that provide server space to our organization and either could likely act as the central site to access this database. The database does not have to be fancy. Simply functional and easily navigated by ourselves or volunteers. Members of my group are familiar with Microsoft access, but we believe that this software is unable to be set-up online.

My question to your community is this. What open source or cheap softwares could accomplish these tasks? Would the builder of such a platform need to be quite experienced or could I, a person with very rudimentary programming skills in python and R statistics, accomplish this task in the matter of a month of work.

Thanks for your time and help. I'll take my answer off the air.

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