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I have a SELECT query of a table with GROUP BY

id     col1     category
1      some     1
2      x        1
3      another  1
4      x        2       // should be removed
5      some     2
6      x        2       // should be removed
7      some     3
8      some     3
9      x        4       // should be removed
10     some     4
11     x        4
12     some     4

I want to SELECT or UPDATE to remove a row if the first or last (with id order) is x (a given value). In other words, I want to skip the first and last row of a category IF col1='x'.

I cannot use JOIN as it is a TEMPORARY table.

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There is no problem in JOINing a temporary table. – Shlomi Noach Jan 14 '14 at 14:26
First or last of what?Of category group?In that case why in category 1 the 'middle' is removed? – Mihai Jan 14 '14 at 14:27
@ShlomiNoach in mysql, it is not possible to open a table twice. Thus, it cannot JOINed to itself. – All Jan 14 '14 at 14:35
@Mihai sorry that was a typo. The first and last rows in a category if col1='x' – All Jan 14 '14 at 14:35
@Ali, correct you are. I wasn't thinking about self join. – Shlomi Noach Jan 14 '14 at 18:20
(SELECT MIN(id) FROM test GROUP BY category HAVING col='x' 
UNION SELECT MAX(id) FROM test GROUP BY category HAVING col='x')


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