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We have found ourselves making some performance and scale improvements for the MySQL .NET driver from here http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/net/

We know where to get the source in a ZIP archive. But is there a proper source repo that we can contribute to? A google search yields a blank.

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Check this page: wikis.oracle.com/display/mysql/Contributing+Code+to+MySQL –  Mat Jan 17 at 10:45
You can also ask the MariaDB (the other active MySQL fork) developers whether it's worth to submit the improvements in their codebase as well. I suppose if the code is approved my the Oracle MySQL team, it will eventually find its way into that codebase as well but I have no idea about the various licence related issues. –  ypercube Jan 17 at 13:15
@Mat: That seems like a terribly long winded and corporate way to do OSS development. And no public GIT/Mercurial? –  Thomas Kejser Jan 17 at 17:44
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