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There are 3 shops. In each of these is a mysql server. I want all servers to synchronize their date if at least one server changes the date. I read a bit of literature and realized that I need master master replication. However, I must take into account the fact that one or more of the databases can work a couple of hours in offline mode (e.g. shut down Internet). How will this work in this case? Will there be duplication of column with Primary key? if so then do I need to take this into account?

Advise me, please. I'm new to mysql.

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If your Servers get out of sync they play back the events from the binlog, so as long you have all statements writen into your binlog, the master/slave is able to catch up. I had to catch up 12days without any problems, but in a cluster this is not what you want to happen. And be careful when using "unsafe" statements, this are statements which the server can't reproduce on your master/slave setup.

Mysql Article on safe/unsafe statements -

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