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We have a system where we create template databases and back them up and distribute them to customers. We recently upgraded our 'build' server to use SSD with a 512 sector size and received an error when attempting to backup a database on a destination system (4096 sector size) to that same media set.

A work around seems to either do a FORMAT with the BACKUP statement or set the BLOCKSIZE = 4096.

But I am concerned about backing up a database from a 512 byte sector size system (SSD drives) and restoring it to a system with 4096 sector size since I read that SQL Server may internally believe it treats it as a 512 byte sector size and this could open the possibility for corruption because of the mismatch between what SQL Server believes and what the disk controller understands.

Is this concern valid? If so, what is the best practice for this situation since I do not see us changing the TB of SSD drive space on our build server but I want to insure that the destination databases are 'safe' and work correctly on their drives, the majority being regular disk drives with 4096 sector sizes.



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