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I have an RMAN backup that is taken on 19th january with: BACKUP DATABASE PLUS ARCHIVELOG command. Now I need to restore Archived logs from that backupset to some other OS directory. Is there any way to extract Archived Log files from that backup?

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You probably need to use catalog, because a long time passed since January.

rman target / catalog rman_catalog_user@rman_catalog_db

  SET ARCHIVELOG DESTINATION TO '/oracle/temp_restore';
  RESTORE ARCHIVELOG FROM TIME = "to_date('2014-01-19 19:20:00','YYYY-DD-MM HH24:MI:SS')"  
                    UNTIL TIME = "to_date('2014-01-19 20:00:00','YYYY-DD-MM HH24:MI:SS')";
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Here is the solution.

RMAN > run  
    restore archivelog all;
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