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When I tried importing mysql database backup to MySQL using phpMyAdmin I got the following error message:

#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'PK00PK' at line 1

In another post, it says open the sql document and delete weird lines and shall work where is the sql document that i should open? i m not a specialist in this.

PK00PK�"�8B_�5=db.optKIMK,�)�M�H,JL.I-�-N-�--I��J�I���$�d�灅��S�R�s��3�PK�"�8:�h�n�"f2blog_attachments.frm��?k�@�'���K��K����Ԃ *-u(X� 5��bA���E�C�� �^���[|C��Cxɽ�ݷƙ�h��ׄZd�0���f���w�O��A�4@!�B!���L���_�+P'{h[�i=o����p�ċ[_��\p/|]��[��W���[1lɝM0��i�.�;��e�]j,�M]U��Ю�"�Yg�/�SM禉q)p<�7����瘖)���(�̧!�Q�|�0YL@�/��K�PK%�8RDE�DPf2blog_attachments.MYDc``���͍��-,�� ҅ܟ��x�{��}˞m� ���MLO�/�*HM�Z�°���a%��K�PK$�8��Y��f2blog_attachments.MYI�������q���L@�����P# <0F̀�^�$�0�r����0\���>K(��� ���@��l��B -�\ ��ؘA&%0,bdd�B{���JF�.LY�OX�(F=u��hL%X�Q0 �P��(������d�h�2 F�H��PK�"�8�^��y�"f2blog_categories.frm�ؽJ�P���G�{S�����c�P_����Rup,M�`M�����(�ѡ��E�| �'M�v'<�������ܡpϧP��p��M9� ���

The database was created in linux and I'm trying to import it to MySQL using phpMyAdmin running in Win 7

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what format has your database backup? – Tobias Kun Jan 21 '14 at 16:38
how are you exporting/importing? you tagged SQL Server and Mysql, any relation between them? – jcho360 Jan 21 '14 at 19:58

Most likely your backup file is a zip file (judging by magic bytes PK at the beginning) that contains a binary backup of MyISAM tables (a set of files):


What you need to do to restore your backup

  1. Unzip the archive file
  2. Stop MySQL
  3. Copy unpacked table files to a DB directory (or create a DB first) in the MySQL data directory
  4. Start MySQL
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