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I want to change the data type for one of my mysql database table column from bigint(20) to something like varchar(X), I'm not use what the X value should be. Please note that the column contains more than 2000 entries with very sensitive data.

Now, the situation has been changed and we also need to include non-digit characters along with the other numerical values. But, the problem is, because of the bigint datatype, we're not able to use non-digit characters for that perticular column value.

We know that if we change the datatype to varchar then this issue will be fixed. But, what we don't know is that if we change the data type from bigint to varchar, will any data be lost in the process ?

Could anybody put some thoughts on this matter?

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What have you tried? Have you observed any data loss? –  Sebastian Meine Jan 23 at 16:09

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