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I have successfully set up Replication. The problem is Snapshot Agent won't start. When I try to start it manually I always end up with "The agent has never been run."

Publication runs under the service account - db_owner in source db for the Publication, msdb, distribution db and with read/write permissions to snapshot folder.

I'm asking for suggestions how to deal with this situation. Thank you.

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There will be additional details in the verbose agent log. Add the parameters -OutputVerboseLevel 2 -Output C:\TEMP\snapshotagent.log to the Snapshot Agent Run Agent job step, re-run the Snapshot Agent, and collect the log. Inspect the log for additional details. They error should be found near the end of the log. –  Brandon Williams Jan 23 at 16:59
Thank you for tip. It was my mistake. Service account was not db_owner in distribution db after all. –  Rutz Jan 23 at 22:37
I'm glad to hear figured it out. –  Brandon Williams Jan 23 at 22:39
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It was my mistake. Service account was not db_owner in distribution db after all.

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