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This is the first time I am going to add tables to replication.

I have outlined the below steps to add a new table to existing replication. Please correct me if I am wrong. The table is just created - no data.

exec sp_addarticle @publication = N'pub1', @article = N'tab1', @source_owner = N'dbo', @source_object = N'tab1'

 EXEC sp_addsubscription
  @publication = 'pub1',
  @subscriber = 'sub1',
  @destination_db = 'MLT-Rep'
 EXEC sp_addsubscription
  @publication = 'pub1',
  @subscriber = 'sub2',
  @destination_db = 'MLT-Rep'

After this, I am supposed to run Snapshot right? How do I go about doing that? Just navigate to the "Local Publication" -> "View Snapshot Agent Status" -> Start

Are the above steps right?

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Adding an a new article involves adding the article to the publication, creating a new snapshot, and synchronizing subscriptions to apply the schema and data for the newly added articles. Reinitialization is not required, but a new snapshot is.

Your steps are correct if the publication only has existing push subscriptions. If the publication has existing pull subscriptions, you will also need to execute sp_refreshsubscriptions. And you are correct, to generate a new snapshot you can use the View Snapshot Agent dialog, or you can execute sp_startpublication_snapshot.

To avoid generating a full snapshot when adding a new article, publication properties @immediate_sync and @allow_anonymous must be set to 0. Execute sp_addarticle, then execute sp_addsubscription. If the publication has existing pull subscriptions, you must also call sp_refreshsubscriptions. Then generate a snapshot and only a snapshot for the newly added article will be generated. Note that this approach is not necessary but is typically used when Administrators want to avoid generating a full snapshot when adding a new article.

Please see Add Articles to and Drop Articles from Existing Publications for more information.

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Many thanks for your reply.. It always helps to get my process verified by somebody else! immediate_sync and allow_anonymous are set to 0. I am running a agent job of type "Replication Snapshot". after running sp_addarticle and sp_addsubscription. However, now my replication seems to be stuck in live. Performed the same steps successfully - without any issues in PreProd before doing this in live. Not sure what is happening? –  user32027 Jan 28 at 6:06
@brandonwilliams.. do you have some idea as to why this is happening? BTW, I think there is a bug with the site. I am unable to tag any of the members –  user32027 Jan 28 at 6:07
did you check all logs in sql server agents jobs related to this publication/subscriptions ? What type of replication it is ? do you have separate distributor db/job ? –  Kuba Miazek Jan 28 at 13:09
Have you checked Replication Monitor? Drill down on the subscription and post any errors back here. –  Brandon Williams Jan 28 at 17:14
No errors there! My theory is: i performed this activity during a time of the day when replication was seriously lagging behind.. there were a lot (> 5 million) unsubscribed messages.. that is why my snapshot agent started acting funny –  user32027 Jan 31 at 4:16

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