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I need experts suggestion on this. I see fast-failover option is available from Mysql 5.6.5 onwards. I have a requirement asking to go for Mysql auto-failover of vip and database within Mysql itself. And customer didn't want to go for any legacy like heartbeat or pacemaker.

Below are my concerns listed, kindly let me know your suggestions.

  1. Is auto-failover in mysql is only compatible to GTID replication?

  2. I just wanted to know how GTID replication in real time environment does it gives much trouble?

  3. Do you think Failover option in mysql itself is fine? as I see its a new release.

The architecture is going to be implemented on a real money available site and no down-time or any turbulence are allowed and most of the heads eyes are on this project.

  1. Should I go for Mysql Failover or have Master/Slave in mixed based logging and have heartbeat ensure we don't endup in split brain? (My vote is for legacy).
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