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Differential backups use the Differential Changed Map pages to determine what pages to backup. I'd like to investigate a backup strategy involving differential backups. For that purpose I'd like to automatically track the amount of changed data over time for multiple databases.

I'd like to programmatically query the Differential Changed Map to determine how many pages are changed.

This seems to be possible with DBCC PAGE according to Is there a cleaner or "more documented" way than this? It seems like this will be awkward and error-prone to implement.

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@PaulWhite that's a good start, thank you. I'll leave the question open to see if someone comes up with a cleaner solution but I suspect there is none. Feel free to submit this as an answer. – usr Feb 1 '14 at 12:48
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There's no other way I know of than using DBCC PAGE.

This is the method Paul Randal chose to use when writing a script to predict the size of the next differential backup. Given that Paul headed up the Storage Engine team for many years, I'd think he'd know if there were a better or more documented way.

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