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I am trying MySQL Workbench 6.0 and when I execute a query the results are displayed with a tab called "Result 1". When I fire another query the same tab is reused, now named "Results 2".

I found no way to open a new results tab (not query tab). What am I missing?

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MySQL Workbench always closes all existing resultset tabs when it executes the content in a specific tab. If you have several queries in your editor and execute all of them (and they return a result set) then a new resultset tab is created for each returned set.

If you want a specific resultset tab to stay while running other queries open it in a separate editor tab.

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nothing to worry about. this is how it works. just counting results. if you make 2 select statements they will be in different results tabs, not like in mssql man. studio in 1.

select * from tableA -> tab tableA 1 select * from tableB -> tab tableB 1

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