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I have a problem that arises during the performance test by microsoft team in my client. The report that is given to us provide information about whether or not a parameter is good based on the Object of Performance Monitor like "Send / Receive Ack Time", "Transaction Delay" and so on.

There is a Database Mirroring section in their report which says that the "Send / Receive Ack Time" is not OK.

Average 6 seconds, 37 seconds max across all mirrored databases - Not OK

Because I am who is configure the "mirroring" in there and it reports related to my work, I need to know whether it was my fault or their network is not in the best setting ?

I have search the related information about that Parameter, and found this information in all of my search.

Milliseconds that messages waited for acknowledgement from the partner, in the last second. This counter is helpful in troubleshooting a problem that might be caused by a network bottleneck, such as unexplained failovers, a large send queue, or high transaction latency. In such cases, you can analyze the value of this counter to determine whether the network is causing the problem.

the microsoft related site is here

I am confuse because the information related to this issue is very little. Then I am so curious about the factor that cause the ack between "mirror" and partner is just from network or something else, very appreciate if you can help me.

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How is mirroring configured - synchronous or asynchronous mode and which version of SQL server are u running ? – Kin Feb 3 '14 at 14:10
The DB server is using SQL Server 2012 version, and using Asynchronous mode. – Kharis Feb 4 '14 at 8:11

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