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I have scheduled a SQL job to run daily at 3am in the morning which creates a batch.

It has not run today and i am also not able to fathom what's the reason behind its failure. There is no entry in its log file that why it has failed. In fact from the history it seems like it has not even tried to execute itself.

Rest of the jobs scheduled at 3 am have run successfully.

The account from which this job is run is also the service account so that also eliminates the case of the person being removed from the AD which i have come across on some of the blogs that it could be one of the reasons in such scenarios.

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can you check enabled Property in schedules ? –  ram.bi Feb 5 at 6:15
Ya; i have checked that already and that was enabled. –  Ravi Feb 5 at 7:04
If the job is not running, this is usually because a schedule is misconfigured. Have you validated that the "Next Run" datetime is at 3 AM? –  Mike Fal Feb 5 at 13:53
So, what is different about this job? –  Aaron Bertrand Feb 5 at 14:00
Did you look in the SQL Agent's log? –  Peet Brits Mar 19 at 8:32

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This might be a silly question, but are you out of disk space where the MSDB system database is located? This can cause job history to not be logged among other things.

It's the only thing I can think of other than miss-configuration of the job itself.

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