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I have a small csv file I would like to bulk load into a Vertica 6.1 database table, this file has 92 lines.

dbadmin=> COPY games FROM '/tmp/games.csv' DELIMITER ',';
 Rows Loaded

The file is 92 lines, but Vertica only loads 44 lines. As a test, I tried loading the same file in MySQL, and all 92 lines loaded fine.

I verified the file has 92 lines.

[root@localhost tmp]# cat /tmp/games.csv | wc -l

I opened the file and verified it has no unusual characters.

Any ideas?

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Try option ABORT ON ERROR - will output a reason for rejection.

COPY 'table name' FROM '/path/to/data.txt' DIRECT RECORD TERMINATOR ',' ABORT ON ERROR 

Check rejected and exception files or define it in COPY:

COPY 'table name' FROM '/path/to/data.txt' DIRECT RECORD TERMINATOR ',' REJECTED DATA 'path' EXCEPTIONS 'path'

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If you plan on answering your own questions, you may want to consider asking your question as a community wiki. – Kermit Feb 5 '14 at 18:49

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