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I installed oracle database 11g enterprise edition to my laptop. When i was installing oracle, at the beginning i selected Desktop Class (not server class) option.

Now i am trying to make remote connection to my oracle database from another pc but i can not connect to oracle and get this error message: "ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist"

even though all oracle services have been already started.

May the reason be why i installed oracle as desktop class instead of server class?

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Can you paste the TNS description. Seems, you connect to the database from your laptop itself.ORA-12545 probably mean, the host (ip specified in ur connection details) is invalid. –  OracleUser Feb 7 at 17:02
did you try tnsping? –  OldProgrammer Feb 7 at 19:19
Are you trying to connect to an existing database, or are you assuming the installer created one for you? –  Phil Feb 8 at 8:31
Can you describe the network topology a bit? Is your laptop, for example, getting its IP address via DHCP or does it have a static IP address? On the remote machine, are you using the IP address to connect to the Oracle database? Or is the remote client using a host name which is resolved by a DNS server? –  Justin Cave Apr 11 at 21:11

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Start with the basics.

  • Make sure you have a network connection that is listening on a public IP.

  • Then make sure it is reachable. Unless you like totally outdated windows versions your computer has a firewall that will kill all incoming traffic unless told not to.

It also helps to read. As per your tnsnames.ora....


Ah, so - the other computer tries to reach a database on localhost, which is himself, not your laptop? Now that will not work... per definition. I suggest changing the tnsnames.ora file to something - sensible.

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