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When I attempt to search in the full-text catalog which is my created earlier, I haven't been finding any word within database.

For example:

My word: Where
CONTAINSTABLE(TABLO,*,' "*Where*" ')  

Here is no problem.


CONTAINSTABLE(TABLO,*,' "*here*" ') 

if I wrote a thing like above the line,no rows returning.What should I do?

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Any suggestions? – Cell-o Sep 18 '11 at 11:34
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I don't believe that full text search will match based on the back end of the word being passed in. You could have it match "Wher*" but not "*here". This is called prefix matching.

< prefix term> ::= {"word*" | "phrase*" }

Trying to match based on "*here" would be a VERY expensive match for the full text engine to do.

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