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On the report Subscriptions page, under "Status" for Last Run, it has the following error:

Failure sending mail: Report processing has been canceled by the user. Mail will not be resent.

It's a subscription, no person canceled this. Maybe there is a problem with a service.

I can run the report fine right now. The only log I can find is here:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10_50.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services\LogFiles

There are two lines for the report:

notification!WindowsService_508!d24!02/10/2014-05:45:05:: i INFO: Handling subscription 75b94483-618d-4463-b6c0-90916b92cb6 to report ReportName, owner: domain\user, delivery extension: Report Server Email. library!WindowsService_508!d24!02/10/2014-05:45:05:: i INFO: RenderForNewSession('/Reports/ReportName')

These lines don't indicate an error occured. I've been looking through all of the logs I could find and I can't find any sort of description as to what would have caused this.

I would like to find out where this information is logged, so I can create a job that looks for messages like this to alert users of a failed report.

I would also like to know where the logs are in case I do need to troubleshoot something vague like this.

I really would appreciate any help :)

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I'm not 100% sure but you might try and query the execution log tables in the SSRS database. It should tell you everything about the execution of the report and the failure of the subscription I would thin.

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You sometimes see this error when the report is cancelled due to a timeout. You can check the current timeout setting in Report Manager > Site Settings.

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