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I want to check just prerequisites and generate a log without installing Oracle database.

When I run the following command:

./runInstaller -silentvalidate -responseFile /0/grid/response/crs_install_mk.rsp

It shows me the following error:

The command line arguments '-silentvalidate' are not valid options. Type 'oui -help' at the command line for instructions on appropriate command line usage.
Usage: runInstaller  [-options] [(<CommandLineVariable=Value>)*]

runInstaller has also an option -executePrereqs but it tries to launch installer in GUI mode.

So I want to check only prerequisites and generate log without launching a GUI.

Oracle Version: 11g R2

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I found the answer:

To check the prequisites in silent mode run the following:

./runInstaller -silent -executePrereqs -responseFile "/0/grid/response/crs_install_mk.rsp"
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-silentvalidate doesn't work for 11gR2 – kupa Feb 12 '14 at 12:58

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