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By default, mysql bin log works in folder /var/log/mysql. but moving to any other share such /mylogs/mysql gives permission error.

Below is the exact message:

usr/sbin/mysqld: File '/mylogs/mysql/mysql-bin.index' not found (Errcode: 13 - Permission denied)

how to fix this without disabling selinux?

There is similar problem in the link below but solution is not acceptable as I cannot disable SELinux. mysql bin-log.index not found

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To set mysql selinux on a directory you can:

semanage fcontext -a -t mysqld_db_t "/yourdirectory(/.*)?"


restorecon -Rv /yourdirectory

Also check the mysql user has permissions on your directory:

ls -l

Set permissions if needed:

chown -R mysql:mysql /yourdirectory

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question if you dont mind. Something like mean the result will not fix the issue for sure or not sure about the syntax. – Ahmad Abuhasna Mar 24 at 15:53
Well this is how I would try add the mysql policy to selinux. so mysql has permissions to do filesystem operations. something to try, shouldn't do any harm – cormpadre Mar 25 at 18:48

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