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I am a fresh DBA just being promoted, I am looking for few good sites which constains T-sql Scripts for DBA tasks. Is there a common place from where you can get a collection scripts to perform operation like tuning, re-indexing, DMV, restore, mirror etc.

regards Thanks for listening

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This might be a good start:

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I tend to favor Google or Bing as my script repository.

A few folks also have dedicated scripts that are used for mutliple things when it comes to DBA tasks. One is Adam Machanic and his sp_whoisactive. Then there is Ola Hallengren and his maitenance script. Both of these are probably the most used tools a SQL Server DBA can have available. They are both kept up-to-date with each release of SQL Server as well.

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Another good place would be SQLServerPedia's TSQL Library (now migrated to a new domain).

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