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I installed mongodb-10gen version 2.4.6 in Debian. This package does not include mongosniff.

How can I install a pre-built version of mongosniff in Debian ?

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This is to do with a libpcap dependency that mongosniff has, to explain why this is the case, take a look here and here for the history.

At the moment, that means that you need to go to the MongoDB downloads page and get the mongosniff binary from one of the tarballs provided there. For 64-bit Linux, version 2.4.6 specifically, you would want this version, though there is no specific reason not to use a later version of the mongosniff tool with 2.4.6

I would also note that Wireshark has MongoDB dissectors built in, so you can also use that to read/view a standard tcpdump of MongoDB traffic as an alternative. For an example, take a look at my Q&A over on Serverfault related to filtering:

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