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I downloaded and found out there is script. However mysql 5.5 documentation says:

mysql_install_db is a shell script and is available only on Unix platforms. (As of MySQL 5.6, mysql_install_db is a Perl script and can be used on any system with Perl installed.)

mysql-5.5.34-linux2.6-i686.tar.gz archive contains shell version of mysql_install_db script.

Why does mysql 5.5.34 for Windows contain this script? Is it an issue in 5.5 documentation?

UPD 1:

I found several comments in which confirm that this perl script is useless on Windows:

On Windows you don't need to use that script.

If we don't need it, why not remove it from source tree ?

If those files are nor required for compilation in Windows, and they are not used by any other file, I agree with you they should be removed.


I am not sure if this script is intended to be executed on Windows at all. Our manual clearly says: "It is unnecessary to run the mysql_install_db script that is used on Unix."


mysql_install_db is not supported on Windows and scheduled for removal from our Windows packages.

But is there any official comment that this script really useless in mysql 5.5 on Windows?

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