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I have a master and a slave mysql database (version 5.1). Is it possible to dump the database only on the slave side? If I do a dump with mysqldump I have a fulldump. Which files can I use for a point in time recovery? The relay logs?

Thanks and regards, Martin

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you can pull binlog from the master with mysqlbinlog from MySQL 5.6. Or you can enable log_slave_updates and copy the binlog from the slave – akuzminsky Mar 4 '14 at 16:05

Steps you should follow:

a) Execute flush logs; on Slave server and Take a backup of slave server using mysqldump now new binary log will be created on slave server

b) Import the dump taken using mysqldump and after that using mysqlbinlog specify binlog file to read from till point of recovery time this will restore your slave status to a point you need to start with.

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